Laminate for Offices by Formica Group

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Office settings that truly work

As our offices change to keep pace with advancing technology and shifting work patterns, truly flexible and enduring solutions are needed. Formica® Laminate is the perfect response to a modern-day working environment in which adaptability is key.

The way people live, work and play continuously changes. Formica Group keep pace with these evolving times through constant innovation, reflecting global trends and responding to ever changing needs and habits. Formica® high pressure laminates are hygienic, durable and low maintenance and come in a large variety of colours and designs and sheet sizes to create highly attractive and efficient interiors. By working closely with architects, designers, managers, and owners, our products can transform tired, bland and low-energy offices into modern, productive and engaging workplaces fit for the 21st century.

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Biophilic Office Design using Formica® Collection and FENIX®

Decors from the Formica® Laminate Colors, Woods and Patterns Collection have been specified for a hospitality and boardroom suite for StudioCanal at their offices in Pancras Square, London.
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The new face of the workspace

A reinvention of the workplace is underway; how and where we work is evolving, and that means the working environment must also adapt.
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Products for office design

Formica® Laminate Collection

Laminate is versatile, and can be used in most applications to create exciting learning environments to inspire both teachers and pupils.

Formica® Doors Collection

The Formica® Doors Collection provides a wide choice of colours, woods and metal inspired patterns. Whether you opt for a splash of colour, or prefer the natural beauty of wood, Formica High Pressure Laminate offers a practical solution for interior doors. Its inherent properties make it ideal for high-traffic environments and regular usage as expected in schools and universities.

Formica® Washroom Collection

Formica® Washroom Collection sheet sizes allow for the design of taller and deeper cubicles, to create more accessible spaces for all, with greater privacy. 3660x1525mm and 4300x1850mm sizes also provide design flexibility and multiple cubicle components can be taken from the same sheet, to ensure economical design.

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Younique® by Formica Group

Our Younique® by Formica Group service provides the ultimate flexibility allowing you to create a unique pattern or design, capture a photograph or corporate logo in Formica® Laminate using digital print solutions.
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"The emergence of the resimercial style, where the comfort and characteristics of contemporary residential housing are mixed with the best of commercial functionality, is dominating office design. Only by creating a bridge between feeling at home, being out and about, and feeling at work can current workplace blueprints ensure their long-term futures."

Nina Bailey, Design Manager for Formica Group

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