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Hospitality design for the changing world

The hospitality sector remains dynamic with an evolving economic situation, an ever increasing expectation for high levels of customer service and in a very competitive landscape. Trends are changing quickly and we are seeing an increased technology adoption, including customer personalisation and a focus on self service.

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Other challenges include alternatives like Airbnb, economic uncertainty, changing consumer demands, and managing expectations for hygiene. What is becoming clear, is that these environments going forward need to consider their ability to be adaptable in use and more consideration needs to be given to hygienic design as a paramount factor.

With all of these challenges we are best to prepare ourselves with design that can be put through its paces.

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Nina Bailey - Formica Group Design Manager

“We’re seeing the blurring of spaces, with current homely themes starting to merge with hospitality trends,” says Nina. “To create a comfortable setting, we’re seeing the introduction of brighter, more tropical tones and a move towards darker hues within hospitality interiors. And this trend stretches throughout hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants.”

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Enduring performance

Ideally suited to meet the challenges of consistent footfall and heavy moving items, Formica® Laminate is the perfect response for high-impact hospitality environments. Scratch resistant, wipeable and with a long life assured, each fitting is designed to stand the test of time.

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Eye-catching designs

Whatever your setting, Formica Group has you covered. From the natural effect of woods and stones to the bold statements of patterns, colours and individual prints, it’s easy to create the bespoke feel you need. Simply mix colours, textures or woods. Opt for a tone-on-tone design. Or sit patterns alongside solid colours. When inspiration strikes, let Formica Laminate bring your vision to life.

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Endless possibilities

With Formica® Laminate, the only restrictions are the limits of your vision. Bring your hospitality setting to life with smart choices and superb finishes.

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Versatile, durable and hygienic surfaces

With its excellent hygienic qualities, Formica® Laminate – which can help reduce the growth of bacteria – is a favoured choice in high-traffic environments such as bars, restaurants, cafes and washrooms.

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Premium to the core

Propel your finish to the next level with ColorCore® by Formica Group. Available in many of the standard HPL shades, ColorCore brings an extra sleek look to high traffic areas by delivering consistent colour from front to back, ensuring laminate joins are invisible.

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Take a closer look at some of our existing case studies from the hospitality sector

HFMclubGent24 350x300

Belgian brilliance

Holy Food Market: food hall by day, dance club by night

BANOS PACHA 16 350x300

Ibizan inspiration

Younique island imagery transforms washrooms in iconic Ibiza nightclub

1 Hilton 350x300

Taking off in style

DecoMetal® by Formica Group is the focal point at new Hilton Heathrow Terminal 5 Hotel

Hotel Sofia Hall 350x300

Classic Barcelona

Formica group in the interior design of the new and exclusive SOFIA Hotel in Barcelona

Tokyo Sushi 16481 350x300

History and modernity combined

As Barcelona’s oldest Japanese restaurant, Tokyo Sushi has a proud heritage to protect.

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