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Laminate for Healthcare Projects

Global healthcare spending is set to reach a colossal US$ 10.06 trillion by 2022, and advances in technology and medical science continue to drive increases in life expectancies around the world. But technology and science are not the only areas of focus. The importance of the healthcare environment is increasingly recognised. In its 2017 budgets, the UK government announced an extra £3.9 billion to, among others, “accelerate estates transformation.”

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Why colour matters in healthcare

Somehow too often we forget about colour and its power, particularly for healing. Hospitals and medical centres are places we visit when we’re sick, injured and anxious. Ordinarily the aesthetic is overly practical, more concerned with being hygienic and inoffensive and forgetting the need to create a healing environment.

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Formica® Laminate used for doors, walls and furniture throughout new hospital

New Amphia Ziekenhuis hospital in the Netherlands sees design meet functionality using laminate surfacing to add a splash of colour.

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The Haga hospital specifies Formica® Laminate

The Haga Hospital was completed in 2015, and features a wealth of Formica® Laminate.

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Playtime at the Ronald McDonald House

Alongside Distributor Blok Plaatmateriaal, Formica Group sponsored interior solutions company Intos to make a children’s playground area for the Ronald McDonald House in Leiden.

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Colours used to help hospital identify departments

Formica® Laminate was chosen for hospital project thanks to the vast array of solid colours within the door collection.

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Formica® Laminate Collection

Premium high pressure laminate range with an unrivalled collection of plain colours, patterns and woodgrains combined with innovative textures for commercial environments.

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Formica® Door Collection

An unrivalled range of HPL for doors, the Formica® Door collection offers high quality and durable laminate with popular decors, innovative textures and optimal sheet sizes for interior doors.

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Younique® by Formica Group

Our Younique® by Formica Group service provides the ultimate flexibility allowing you to create a unique pattern or design, capture a photograph or corporate logo in Formica® Laminate using digital print solutions.

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Formica® Washroom Collection

The Formica® Washroom Collection offers both standard HPL and Compact Grade laminate for washrooms, cubicles, panels and vanity units, featuring a combination of woods, patterns and on trend colours.

Formica Magnetic Laminate

Formica® Magnetic Laminate

Formica® Magnetic Laminate possesses strong magnetic properties with complementing surfaces, which can be written on with chalk or special board markers - ideal for communication and display.

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Healthcare case studies

Discover how our products have been used to create clean, calming environments in healthcare facilities across Europe, be inspired by the sheer versatility of Formica® Laminates, covering everything from doors, washrooms and exterior cladding with clean, easy to maintain, decorative and long-lasting surfaces.


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