RAW laminate decors | Formica® Patterns Collection

RAW: Reclaimed Beauty

Turning attention to intriguing, trend-led surfaces, the RAW series from the new Formica® Patterns Collection celebrates the harmony between design and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Raw Series 825x550

Each decor within this series delivers an authentic aesthetic through an array of textures, natural hues, and sustainably sourced reclaimed and recycled materials. Manufactured in small-batch craft production, each sheet is unique with natural characteristics.

Swatch Paper Terrazzo 825x180

Breathing new life into waste from solid colour decor paper production, trimmed scrap paper is recycled to make unique terrazzo chips and is mixed into paper pulp, to create a new decor paper that utilises reclaimed material as part of the design. New F8812 Tinted Paper Terrazzo and F8813 Tonal Paper Terrazzo deliver a timeless aesthetic within the interior landscape, serving as a focal point in any interior space. Respecting the origins of this paper-based product, our new Paper surface texture is applied to deliver a raw, handmade feel. Discover the full story behind the new Formica® Patterns Collection terrazzo designs in our blog.

Swatch Recycled Kraft 825x180

Integrating sustainable manufacturing practices, the decor papers in F9684 Natural Recycled Kraft and F9685 Black Recycled Kraft start with recycled material including waste from coffee bean roasting and coffee bean bags. Organic with an earthy charm, each sheet is one of a kind, showcasing unique highlights of speckles and fibres from its original source. Recycled Kraft has the appearance of kraft paper but has been engineered to deliver a highly durable surface performance that is resistant to stains, abrasions, and moisture. See more of the Kraft decors design story in our video.

Swatch Reclaimed Denim Fiber 825x180

Always in fashion, our new F9271 Reclaimed Denim Fiber is made from reclaimed fibres, leftover from the production of denim materials. Innovatively, the fibres are combined with paper pulp to create an attractive denim decor paper design. Each sheet of Reclaimed Denim Fiber is unique, due to its natural paper-making process. To learn more about how this new Formica® Patterns Collection decor is created and explore its applications in interior design, read our blog.

Discover the nine design series of the Formica® Patterns Collection and order your free samples.

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