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Paper Terrazzo

Originally created to adorn the homes of Italian aristocracy, Terrazzo's contemporary aesthetic and incredible durability have kept it a design staple for centuries. With the introduction of modern manufacturing techniques, Terrazzo has been reimagined, making it one of the most important interior pattern trends in design today.

Paper Terrazzo 825x550

The fragmented beauty and colour play of Terrazzo patterns, make it a fixture of any residential, hospitality, or office space, infusing horizontal and vertical surfaces with its distinctive charm, courtesy of two new Formica® Patterns - F8812 Tinted Paper Terrazzo and F8813 Tonal Paper Terrazzo.

Formica Group has developed an innovative high-pressure laminate, that utilises waste from Formica® solid colour papers, to create the chips of two new and unique Terrazzo decor papers, composed of reclaimed material. Respecting the origins of this paper-based product, new Paper texture is applied to deliver a raw, handmade feel to this timeless design.

The Paper Terrazzo decor manufacturing process begins with small batch decor production, where a new pulp is made with water dye and torn pieces of waste coloured paper. Next, the mixture is dried, turning it into a decorative paper embedded with reclaimed paper ‘chips’. In every laminate sheet produced, the layout of these chips is different to create an always natural looking surface.

Once pressed into high pressure laminate, new Paper texture works in perfect harmony with the Paper Terrazzo decors, providing a naturally matt finish, with the irregular grain of paper.      

“Despite being the busiest among the Raw series’ designs, Tinted Paper Terrazzo and Tonal Paper Terrazzo have a calming quality with their subtle palette of greys, effortlessly complementing cool-toned solid colours and natural woods to impart warmth and depth to any interior space.” Nina Bailey, European Design Lead.

Discover all decors of the RAW series from the new Formica® Patterns Collection, that celebrate the harmony between design and sustainable manufacturing practices.

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