Recycled Kraft laminate| RAW | Formica® Patterns Collection

Recycled Kraft

Decor paper layers made with recycled material and admired for their organic beauty; laminate made with Recycled Kraft decor has become one of today’s most sought after design trends.

Recycled Kraft 825x550

Attractive for its organic aesthetic and sustainable manufacturing process, the Recycled Kraft decors signature look has been expertly infused into high performance laminate, engineered for horizontal and vertical surface design.

F9684 Natural Recycled Kraft and F9685 Black Recycled Kraft decors combine recycled pulp and natural additives including coffee bean chaff and recycled burlap. RAW series decors use small-batch production, incorporating recycled materials into each decor paper to create unique patterns of speckles and fibres, which differ sheet to sheet. Recycled Kraft decors are created blending these organic materials with recycled paper and water. This pulp is pressed and dried through a series of rollers and ovens.

The Recycled Kraft decor designs have a wholesome natural colouration created by the additives of coffee chaff and organic materials.

“Recycled Kraft decors provide a calming base for any scheme. You can enhance them with a range of muted or bright colours. For a grounded appearance, opt for organic tones like muted greens and yellows. Alternatively, create a striking palette by pairing them with warm reds, oranges, and contrasting woods for a modern, standout look.” Nina Bailey, European Design Lead

Discover the RAW series decors from the new Formica® Patterns Collection, that celebrate the harmony between design and sustainable manufacturing practices

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