Cozy Bunker at Casa Decor 2024

Beneath the Surface: Unveiling Cozy Bunker

Inspired by the beauty of brutalist architecture and brought to life by the visionary team at WANNA for Formica Group, our unique project "Cozy Bunker" at Casa Decor offers a reimagined underground haven. It serves as a comforting sanctuary in times of need and a peaceful hideaway for those seeking to unwind and recharge.

Constructed entirely with Formica® Laminates, Homapal® metallic laminates, and FENIX® innovative materials, for Casa Decor 2024, Cozy Bunker showcases the versatility and richness of these surfaces in design and functionality. Every detail is meticulously crafted to curate a unique experience.

For the design, WANNA relies on principles such as playing with heights, taking advantage of the four and a half meters of space, structural solidity, indirect light, and volumetrics. The space is accessed through a passageway that appears to be carved into the rock, thanks to the F8812 Tinted Paper Terrazzo and F1994 Fox Monolith from the new Formica® Patterns Collection. Along the passageway are reminiscences of the outside world, such as a spring created with 470/636 Alu Mirror Polished Lava Natural from Homapal, and a hanging vegetation in F8245 Marble Green. The journey ends in a cosy, warm space with reddish tones and a gentle atmosphere, featuring 0770 Rosso Askja from FENIX, enhanced by Häfele lighting and by Barrisol's luminous ceiling.

Inside the bunker, visitors discover a minimalist space highlighted by the living and sleeping area, hovered over by a large sofa with a floating bunk above it. Next to them is the desk, made with the 470 Alu Mirror Polished Superior Natural from Homapal. The ensemble is completed with a recessed fireplace from Leroy Merlin and a bathtub made with F9485 Nero Grafite from the Formica Patterns Collection, and Bathco faucets. To exit the bunker, there is a ladder that forces one to look up and reconnect with the outside. The immersive experience is completed with a musical piece composed for the project by the musicologist Rigo Pex.

Cozy Bunker is a space that invites reflection and disconnection, offering a sensory and immersive experience that transports visitors to a world of possibilities.

If you'd like to visit us at Casa Decor and experience our space, please email us at [email protected] with the subject "COZY BUNKER".

Where: 82 Francisco Silvela Street, Madrid

When: April 11 - May 24, 2024

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