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Homapal | Special laminates made in Germany

Homapal are a leading global manufacturer of real metal laminates and magnetic boards. Homapal solutions offer almost unlimited scope for creativity and customisation. Homapal laminates use thin rolled foils made of aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel. A special embossing process gives the surfaces their unique textures.

Homapal european collection

New Homapal European Collection 2022-23

The new Homapal Collection metal decors stand out thanks to their mix of unique colours, individual surfaces and extraordinary haptics, creating unmistakable features. Homapal laminates use thin rolled foils made of aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel. A special embossing process gives the surfaces their unique textures. The Collection offers great variety, comprising more than 130 decors and finishes.
Homapal elements

Homapal Metals - Elements

Elements capture the expressiveness of pure metal. Brilliant and full of energy. Cool, yet with the capacity to provide warmth. Characterised by the dynamic interplay of light and reflection. Bronze, copper, steel, silver and gold – elemental colours of fire, water, air and earth with brushed surfaces. Five complementary shades in a variety of typical metal textures, create unmistakable features.
Homapal gestures

Homapal Metals - Gestures

No two surfaces are alike. Each unique, as if created by the hand of an artist. Harnessing the infinite possibilities that metals offer. Everything reappears in new splendour, time and again. An initial, fleeting handmade gesture, for a sense of individuality that evolves over time. The perfect combination for exclusive, distinctive designs. Homapal are true masters of their craft, dedicated to traditional metal-finishing processes. 
Homapal perspectives

Homapal Metals - Perspectives

Surfaces seemingly from another world. Imaginative, lively, exciting and with a special allure to touch. Formed organically, developed mathematically or derived from the necessity of industrial requirements – Perspectives invite you to discover the diversity of the world, to observe and feel it from different, even unexplored sights.
Homapal SRM

Homapal Metals - SRM

Setting new standards with this surface technology, Homapal have developed SRM, a Scratch Resistant Matt surface with anti-fingerprint properties. Providing durability for interior applications, subject to heavy use, real metal laminates can be used for the first time on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Building on the brand’s historical strengths in Germany and the visual and tactile properties of metal as a material, this technology sets the course for the future.
Homapal magnetic

Homapal Magnetic & Boards

Homapal Magnetics and Boards bring mobility and flexibility to any environment thanks to their functional properties and wide range of designs. Designing walls is one thing. Ensuring they offer useful functionality, quite another. Combining the best of both worlds, our magnetic boards are highly magnetised and most can be written on, either with commercially available board markers or chalk.

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