Collage of Historic Formica Patterns

Formica Group Celebrates 110th Anniversary in 2023

The first and original inventors of laminate, we are commemorating our history and future throughout the year.

2023 brings the fantastic opportunity for us to reflect on and celebrate 110 years of Formica® Brand Patterns. We’ll be revisiting the stories from some of the most unique, interesting and perhaps famous Formica® Patterns from our history. New stories will be shared monthly, so check back to learn a little more about some of our favourite patterns.

Yellow Moonglo Sample Formica Chip

January - Moonglo

Designer Morris B Sanders was inspired by the moonlight reflecting on water

Coming Soon

February – Coming Soon

Check back around February 1st for this month’s pattern
Coming Soon

March – Coming Soon

Check back around March 1st for this month’s pattern
Humble Pizza case study - Younique by Formica Group countertops in restaurant design credits - Designed and photographed by Child Studio 825x550

Humble Pizza by Child Studio, London

A nostalgic reimagining of 1950s café design has been made possible by Formica® laminate.
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Retro7 825x550

100 Years in UK Kitchen Design

In the second half of the 20th century the kitchen underwent numerous transformations in style, purpose and function.
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Formica History Skylark Patterns Advert

Learn our History

Scroll through the timeline to discover the story of Formica laminate, and how we got to where we are today.
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