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Office settings that truly work

As our offices change to keep pace with advancing technology and shifting work patterns, truly flexible and enduring solutions are needed. Formica® Laminate is the perfect response to a modern-day working environment in which adaptability is key.

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Reinventing the workplace for a post-pandemic future

We surveyed hundreds of people in six European countries to try to understand the feelings held by workers as they contemplate a potential return to office working. 

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Products for office design

Bournemouth University

Formica® Laminate Collection

Premium high pressure laminate range with an unrivalled collection of plain colours, patterns and woodgrains combined with innovative textures for commercial environments.

Door Collection

Formica® Door Collection

An unrivalled range of HPL for doors, the Formica® Door collection offers high quality and durable laminate with popular decors, innovative textures and optimal sheet sizes for interior doors.

Washroom 350x300

Formica® Washroom

The Formica® Washroom Collection offers both standard HPL and Compact Grade laminate for washrooms, cubicles, panels and vanity units, featuring a combination of woods, patterns and on trend colours.

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Younique® by Formica Group

Our Younique® by Formica Group service provides the ultimate flexibility allowing you to create a unique pattern or design, capture a photograph or corporate logo in Formica® Laminate using digital print solutions.

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The ideal surface material for projects where hygiene is paramount

We often get asked by Architects and Interior Designers; what makes Formica® laminate good to use in areas where hygiene is important? Here’s a few of the reasons why...

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