August Pattern – Ondine

August Pattern – Ondine

Ondine, the next décor to feature in our 110 anniversary, captured the psychedelic aesthetic of the 1960s with its fluid, water-like effects.

Formica Ondine 920x600

The psychedelic art movement had an effect not only on music, but also on many aspects of popular culture and interiors. 

The 1963 Ondine pattern was named for a water nymph in French mythology, Undine. With its swirling colours and ripple effects, it captured the dynamic forces of the Age of Aquarius beautifully. 

Ondine was designed by in-house Formica® laminate engineers playing with a marbelising process that wasn’t publicised at the time. 

According to a redacted press release later unearthed in the American Smithsonian Museum, the team put paint drops into a water bath and swirled them into distinctive configurations. They then laid paper over the wet pigments to create a nonrepeating design.

Ondine was a predecessor to nonrepeat and larger repeat patterns, including the popular 180fx® & TrueScale laminate collections introduced in 2009 and 2010. More recent fluid looks include White Painted Marble and Black Painted Marble which will feature in the new Formica® Patterns collection launching soon in Europe and the Watercolor Series which were also created using a similar process. 

Learn more about Ondine in this video:

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