September Pattern – 100th Anniversary Collection

September Pattern – 100th Anniversary Collection

The four collections from the 100th anniversary celebration blurred the lines between the past, present and future of design.

In 2013, Formica Group celebrated our 100th anniversary with a collection of 12 colours and patterns designed by Abbott Miller of Pentagram.

These patterns spanned four collections: Ellipse, Endless, Dotscreen and Halftone.

Ellipse and Endless played off the "Formica Forever" anniversary theme by creating seemingly infinite but consistent patterns due to the fluidity of the overlapping elements. This was possible using innovative printing techniques that allowed independent layers of pattern to interact randomly.  

Unlike most patterns, which repeat every 50 inches, Ellipse and Endless featured pattern repeats every 500 to 700 sheets. That’s equivalent to more than a mile!

Ellipse used the "hidden oval" in the iconic Formica® brand logo to create a series of layered strands that rippled across the surface. Endless established a digital grain from layered bars, providing visual interest at close range and a geometric texture from a distance.

Dotscreen and Halftone celebrated Formica Group’s history of exuberant colour and printing technology. Both collections included bright, saturated colours made more complex by undercurrents of detailed patterning. Fine dot motifs also added interest to these optimistic hues.

Learn more about the 100th Anniversary Collection in this video:

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