Metal Effects laminate decors | Formica® Patterns Collection

Metal Effects: Industrial chic

Providing striking appeal, the Metal Effects series takes inspiration from metals and materials with metallic finishes, adding an industrial touch to modern interiors.

Metal Effects 825x550

The new F8917 Rolled Steel and F8918 Blackened Steel laminate decors are based on a sheet of rolled steel but have been recoloured in cool dyed hues of blues and charcoal greys to give a contemporary twist and a more abstract appearance that has the look of metal, wood or even a large-scale linear graphic pattern.

“Combined with simple styles and complementary colour palettes, the Steels become a statement and serve as a feature for a wall panel, however, if combined with synchronised palettes and soft textures, the design creates a subtle and beautiful impact.” Nina Bailey, Formica Group’s European Design Lead

Metal Effects Rolled Steel Swatch

Drawing inspiration from rustic patina effects, our new F3708 Burnished Coin and F3709 Burnished Iron laminate decors feature an aesthetic of worn and rusted metal, hints of blue combined with warm metal tones display a seamless combination of past and present.

“Our new Burnished designs add visual texture to a space with their refined design detail, they also appeal to the senses with the very tactile touch of the new Arcosa finish. Paired with cool tones of blues and matching warmer tones of terracotta these designs create a rustic aesthetic.” Nina Bailey, Formica Group’s European Design Lead

Metal Effects Burnished Swatch

Expanding our popular Brushed decor palette, warmer tones of aged bronze and copper have been added to the collection creating a dynamic, stylish palette that will be sure to make a statement.

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