Geo-optics series laminate decors | Formica® Patterns Collection

Geo-optics: Bold Graphic Patterns & Optical Solids

Inspired by intricate patterns and abstract shapes, the Geo-optics series celebrates the Formica® Laminate heritage for bold graphic pattern.

Geo Optics 825x550

Designs within the series have been carefully curated, featuring micro-scale patterns that combine retro themes with the modern flair of abstract art.

From a vivid pop of colour to muted tones, the Geo-optic series offers an adaptable laminate palette to bring just the right balance to interior designs.

Geo Optics VirrVarr Swatch

“From the ditsy, rounded and detailed shapes in Dogbone through to the dimensional lines of VirrVarr, the Geo-optics allow for bold patterns within a scheme that have a subtle and useable look. The small-scale nature of each Geo-optics laminates creates an optical solid effect, where from afar each design appears like a solid colour and it’s not until you draw close to the laminate that the designs reveal their true intricacy.” Nina Bailey, Formica Group’s European Design Lead

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