Frosted series laminate decors | Formica® Patterns Collection

Frosted: Lustrous Elegance

Introducing the opulent Frosted series from the Formica® Patterns Collection.

Frosted 825x550

Inspired by the shimmering beauty of seawater pearls and the delicate sheen of satin materials, new F6349 Frosted Pearl laminate decor will transform an interior ambience into a realm of elegance. It offers the perfect balance of a glistening creamy white, which can blend harmoniously with both cool and warm interior design palettes.

“The Pearl is a ‘new neutral’ which sits amongst the cosy, soft and matte colours and materials of today, to add a new dynamic with its contrasting high gloss lustrous shimmer.” Nina Bailey, Formica Group’s European Design Lead

Frosted Swatch

The carefully curated palette of Frosted laminate decors ranging from creamy white tones to trend-led burnished colours brings a sense of lustre to an interior space. With its stunning palette including warmer notes of gold and copper, the collection seamlessly combines metallic inspirations with pearlescent aesthetics, blending luxury and elegance.

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