Textile series laminate decors | Formica® Patterns Collection

Textiles: Classic Luxury with Modern Functionality

Textiles and fabrics are used extensively throughout interior design, typically as soft furnishings to add warmth and tactility. The new Textile series from the Formica® Patterns Collection extends the possibilities of where these looks can be used, with the enhanced performance and functionality of laminate.

Textiles 825x550

Offering the appearance of textile materials, encapsulated in highly durable laminate, each decor is suitable for high traffic applications on tables, walls and furniture, blending classic luxury with modern functionality.

Turning attention to sophisticated fabrics typically seen in classic fashion garments, woven material inspired designs feature new F9535 Flint Plaid decor alongside a variety of neutral fabric tones. With monochrome linen weaves available in three complementary Textile laminate decors - F6445 Greige Textile, F6444 Clay Textile and F6446 Charcoal Textile, the palette effortlessly exudes understated sophistication. Breaking the boundaries of woven material, these classic and structured textile designs are the perfect choice for environments where fabrics would not normally be practical.

Textiles Textiles Swatch

Much like warp and weft yarns, the new F8681 Cotton Cloth and F8682 Woolen Cloth laminate decors mirror the evolving classic of a woven twill. Each design showcases complex woven structures reminiscent of woollen blankets and soft furnishings, allowing commercial interiors to gain a soft and homely look through practical and usable laminate.

Textiles Cloth Swatch

With our highly adaptable and visually authentic new F4971 Natural Gray Felt decor, the office industry’s ever popular felt material has undergone a revolutionary upgrade. The soft aesthetic of felt can now become a reality on a wider variety of vertical and horizontal applications.

Textiles Gray Felt Swatch

“Our new Textile designs bring soft and tactile elements into commercial spaces, enhancing both comfort and practicality. With a neutral palette that complements a range of colours and materials, these unique laminate designs create a Resimercial aesthetic, seamlessly blending home-like comfort with commercial functionality. Ideal for office and hospitality settings seeking a cosy yet professional ambiance.” Nina Bailey, Formica Group’s European Design Lead

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