Contours of Water | Formica Group x Teresa Sapey

            Contours of Water | Formica Group x Teresa Sapey

A conscious journey through material, light and sound that evokes the feeling of water, and the importance of managing this resource in a sustainable way to restore the balance of life and the planet.

Formica Group x Teresa Sapey has designed Contours of Water, an interactive installation for Madrid Design Festival 23.

In the lobby of the Fernán Gómez Theater, the installation was positioned under the iconic fountain of the Plaza de Colón. The idea is to allow the visitor to experience a trip 'underwater'.Through material, light and sound, the traveller can immerse themselves in a dreamlike experience that will bring them closer to one of the most important elements that nature offers us: water.

A sensory journey in two directions through 12 majestic arches designed by Teresa Sapey, and entirely built with Formica® laminates. With the symbolism of the material itself, the projection of LED lights in different colours and a careful selection of water sounds in different states, the aim is to make us reflect on the importance of protecting and conserving this essential resource for life on the planet.

Contornos del Agua 2

We begin our journey by going through the first six arches of the installation, made with a silver metal laminate coating and warm white lights.
Silver and white symbolise purity: the importance of having access to a safe and potable water supply. This symbolism of colour and material brings us closer to the MOON and its close relationship with water sustainability. Not only representing tranquillity and calm, the moon is also a natural satellite that exerts a gravitational influence on Earth's bodies of water. It controls the tides and therefore affects the distribution of water on the planet, which is critical to maintaining a sustainable balance.

We continue the tour through four other arches also built with metal laminate. These are in different shades of bronze, representing the EARTH: home of all living beings and essence of human life. Earth is a main source of raw materials and cradle of seas, rivers, lakes, aquifers, and other water elements essential for human life.

With red lights we symbolise passion and determination, which reminds us of the importance of taking urgent action to protect and preserve our planet and ensure access to safe drinking water for all living beings.

The last two arches of our tour are represented by gold metal and yellow lights, symbolising the light and energy of the SUN. Gold, a valuable metal, appreciated for its beauty and value since ancient times, symbolises not only its material importance, but also its relationship to sunlight.

The sun is the source of vital energy that allows the growth and development of plants, as well as the maintenance of life in aquatic bodies. Without sunlight, life on our planet would be impossible. The relationship between sun and water is essential to maintain life and a healthy balance on our planet.

The way back through 12 blue-hued Formica® laminate arches invite to introspective reflection. Blue symbolises the purity, calm and serenity of the water, and accompanies us on our journey back through the facility.

This tour reminds us of the importance of protecting water from pollution and degradation and of being responsible and conscious in its consumption. A crucial reflection to restore the balance of life and the planet.

Musicologist Rigo Pex transforms the intangible, water, into a musical experience. By using raw material recordings as various water sounds, such as waves, ice, rain, bathtubs, taps, glasses, fountains, waterings and the aquatic music of the women of the Vanuatu tribe, he manages to integrate the perception of water in this journey through the combination of material, light and sound.


Contornos del Agua 3

Both in its own design and in the choice of materials, the installation has been designed to be easily removable and can be stored and transported efficiently, with the aim of being reused in other exhibitions.

Contours of Water is a sustainable proposal both in design and concept that has a fundamental objective: to remind the user of the importance of water and its conscious and sustainable use.

As Fernán Gómez said:
“Nature, my friends, is the most amazing spectacle man can see.”


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