Formica<sup>&reg;</sup> Patterns Collection: Redefining pattern through surfaces

Formica® Patterns Collection: Redefining pattern through surfaces

Formica Group, the first and original laminate manufacturer, proudly presents its latest innovation: the Formica® Patterns Collection.

Patterns 825x550

This curated range features 9 design series, 86 decors and 10 textures, inspired by the simplistic beauty of natural materials, abstract designs, and engineered surfaces.

Drawing inspiration from luxurious natural stones, timeless terrazzo surfaces, metal effects, and classic textiles, the new collection is sure to enhance the visual appeal of any interior space. Each decor within the collection is meticulously crafted to leave a lasting impression, whether you desire a subtle and sophisticated aesthetic or one that boasts expressive design elements.

"At Formica Group, we believe that every surface tells a story," says Nina Bailey, Formica Group’s European Design Lead. "With the new Formica Patterns Collection, we've combined reclaimed materials, handcrafted artworks, and modern techniques to create surfaces that exude both contemporary flair and timeless elegance."

Discover the nine design series of the Formica® Patterns Collection and embark on a journey of design exploration

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