New Monolith texture by Formica Group | Formica® Patterns Collection

Monolith: A fusion of colour and texture

Inspired by the geological aesthetics of natural stone, combined with manmade marks, new Monolith texture delivers an impressive laminate look that’s ageless and endlessly versatile.

Monolith Video

Presented in a palette of neutral colours that lend themselves perfectly to this exciting new laminate texture from the Formica® Patterns Collection, Monolith is expertly crafted to capture the most striking elements from two natural stones.

This unique texture presents hybrid qualities of marble, slate, concrete and even leather depending on the colour it is pressed on. The perfect fusion of colour and texture accentuates various gloss levels across each combination, as if carved or excavated from the base material.

With its commanding presence and large sheet size format, Monolith can be used to create bold architectural features on walls, columns, or large pieces of furniture, adding a long-established and solid feel to any space.

Monolith Swatch

“The Graphite Monolith boosts a dramatic and grand mood when it encases a reception desk and wall panels in a large and open space. In contrast, the Green Slate Monolith can create a soft and greyed green leather look to combine with warm wood tones and natural materials of woven rattan to create a calm, earthed and organic ambience.” Nina Bailey, European Design Lead

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