The key considerations for post-pandemic office design

The key considerations for post-pandemic office design

As the return to office life edges closer, our new research has found almost three-quarters of workers want their employer to bring a more relaxed design and style to the company office.

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It’s a revealing insight into the most important considerations interior architects face as they shape the next generation of office spaces. A range of issues will come into play, including:

  • Creating effective open plan work environments
  • Incorporating designated social and private spaces
  • Ensuring ongoing and thorough hygiene and cleanliness
  • Using adaptable design principles and lightweight furniture
  • Reflecting the latest trends with well-chosen colours and decors

Our Design Lead Nina Bailey says: “A pleasant environment at work helps to improve a workforce’s productivity and overall performance. It also enhances wellbeing, inspires creativity and attracts new talent.”

Businesses that consider the changes employees have experienced in over a year of homeworking and invest in their offices, are likely to become highly attractive to ambitious employees. 

In recent years, we’ve seen Formica® Laminate become one of the leading options for office applications such as desks, partitions, washrooms, reception areas, doors and wall cladding. We’re proud that its benefits are recognised by architects, building managers and industry awards around the world.

Formica Laminate is: 

Hygienic and easy to clean, with fully-sealed surfaces helping to reduce the growth of bacteria and eliminate hidden dirt spots. This was key when SAS used Crystal White and Storm for its interior walls and counter tops, as well as in the furniture designs produced by both Crierum and Johanson Design.

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Impact resistant, hard wearing and durable, making it ideally suited to busy environments with a heavy footfall. Studio Michiel Wijnen Architects chose Formica® Laminate for its interior fit-out of Danone’s Netherlands HQ, citing its impact-resistant qualities as a key reason behind its use in wall panels and interior furniture.

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Available in a striking range of decors and colour palettes, such as the Nero Grafite TrueScale, Plex Gold and White combination used to create a truly statement interior in Tischnera Office, one of the largest business centres in Krakow. The building’s interior was recognised in the 2019 Prime Property Prize competition. In the Netherlands, Greystar den Haag used Calacatta Marble for an equally striking effect in its offices.

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Available in a variety of grades for different applications, which was one of the key reasons it was used for wall cladding, doors, kitchens and meeting room furniture at the newly-refurbished UK head office of Formica Group Europe.

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Get inspired by reading more about our Commercial Interior Laminate range – including stunning design examples and introductions to each of our collections.


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