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Abstracts: Hand Crafted Elegance

Inspired by the natural world, but 100% Formica® brand original artworks, the Abstract series decors have been exclusively hand-designed to create original surfaces, that leave a lasting impression on interior spaces.

Abstracts 825x550

Connecting with ancient architectural techniques, our new F9511 Layered Sand and F9510 Layered Black Sand laminate decors beautifully capture the truly unique natural elegance of sand through mesmerising artistic patterns. A large-scale rammed earth-inspired design, the Layered Sands present an organic visual appeal that can create a calming and peaceful interior environment. Perfectly complemented with our new Arcosa texture, the decors are enhanced with this slightly eroded, grainy and matt surface finish.

Abstracts Layered Sand Swatch

New F5015 Black Painted Marble and F5014 White Painted Marble laminate decors add a special touch to the series. These designs were hand-painted by a commissioned artist and embody the art of marbling. Water and ink are mixed resulting in a beautiful and sophisticated fluid design. The Painted Marble decors give an abstract appearance reminiscent of natural stones but also highlight the unique craftsmanship involved in their creation.

Abstracts Painted Marble Swatch

Paying tribute to laminate as a paper-based material, our new F8678 Starched Paperfold decor takes the concept of beauty in imperfection to new levels. Crushed paper has been carefully unfolded to reveal organic and abstract fold marks. In addition to its aesthetic of paper, the design provides a hybrid quality with a structure resembling a simple stone pattern, which is open to interpretation. New to the collection, Paper texture has been expertly combined to add the perfect finishing touch to this paper-inspired laminate.

Abstracts Paperfold Swatch

“The Abstract series add a true sense of uniqueness and individuality into an interior without being overpowering due to their collaboration of nature and artisan creation. The decors are styled with a monochromatic palette of blacks and whites, enabling them to combine with a multitude of colourful and neutral palettes. The large-scale design approach to the Painted Marbles and the Layered Sands makes them striking, adding both grandeur and presence within a space, whereas the Paperfold is a delicate and small-scale design which is subtle but makes a thought-provoking statement.” Nina Bailey, Formica Group’s European Design Lead

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