Biophilic Office Design using Formica<sup>&reg;</sup> Collection and FENIX<sup>&reg;</sup>

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Biophilic Office Design using Formica® Collection and FENIX®

Brief: Interior design for an inspiring working environment
Designer/Fabricator: McFarlane Latter Architects
Decors used: F8244 Night ForestF5278 Dogbone EarthF5887 Milennium Oak
Date Completed: 2022

Decors from the Formica® Laminate Colors, Woods and Patterns Collection have been specified for a hospitality and boardroom suite for StudioCanal at their offices in Pancras Square, London. McFarlane Latter Architects were looking for a contemporary interior design scheme filled with biophilic colours and natural woodgrains. 

Pairing the Colors, Woods and Patterns from the Formica Laminate Collection with the ultra-matt FENIX® range allowed the designers to deliver a comortable and inspiring working environment with bespoke furniture, wall panelling and kitchen area.

“We started off the project by collecting Formica® laminate samples from the website and then arranged a follow up meeting with them at the Formica Group London Showroom. We shared our project brief and it was great to be able to see the full range of decors available from all brands and be able to match samples together immediately.”

Louisa Cree, Designer

Studio Canal decor palette

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