Stone laminate decors | Formica® Patterns Collection


Inspired by the world’s most beautiful natural stones, the Stones series from the Formica® Patterns Collection connects interiors with stunning marble inspirations, transforming an everyday space into a sanctuary of luxury.

Stones 825x550

The soft white tones of Calacatta Caldia marble make it one of the most luxurious stones in the world. Our new interpretation in laminate, F5018 Calacatta Cava, marries a soft white background with ‘barely there’ translucent grey and taupe veins. Perfectly reflecting consumers' evolving preferences for comfortable and relaxed interiors, Calacatta Cava effortlessly creates an enhanced sense of space within interiors.

“The warm base of the Calacatta Cava matches beautifully with warmer metal tones of bronze as well as the natural hues in woodgrains, ideal for hospitality and office spaces.” Nina Bailey, Formica Group’s European Design Lead

Stones White Marbles Swatch

In dramatic contrast, our new F7403 Nero Marquina decor offers an inverse aesthetic, boasting a rich black background and striking white veins. The large architectural scale of this laminate design creates visual drama through its grand gesture of pattern.

“Combined with gold metals and finishes as well as dark and moody colour palettes, our Nero Marquina decor really comes into its own. Ideal for hospitality and retail environments aiming to have a sense of luxe and refined grandeur.” Nina Bailey, Formica Group’s European Design Lead

Stones Darks Swatch

The white-lined veins combined with the dark and moody base of F9483 Ferro Grafite and F9485 Nero Grafite continue to trend with their distinctive and contrasting look and aesthetic. The Grafite decors from the Formica® Patterns Collection have no repeat across the width of the design which evokes a true sense of natural marble stone. The new F7402 Pietra Grafite echos in the lined marble structure, but in a paler mottled mid-grey tone.

“The calmer and cooler colouration of the Pietra Grafite combines harmoniously with neutral colour palettes and soft woodgrains as the lower overall contrast in the design makes for a more subtle marble look.” Nina Bailey, Formica Group’s European Design Lead

Stones Grafites Swatch

Each new laminate decor introduction within the Stones palette is enhanced through luxurious marbled features, creating stylish additions to the collection with remarkable distinction. The Stones series captures the majestic essence of the natural world, creating a timeless aesthetic with unlimited creative possibilities to elevate any interior.

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