Reclaimed Denim Fiber laminate | RAW | Formica® Patterns Collection

Reclaimed Denim Fiber

F9271 Reclaimed Denim Fiber from the new Formica® Patterns Collection gives reclaimed fibres from the production of denim textiles a second life with its new decorative denim paper design.

Reclaimed Denim Fiber 825x550

Real denim has a rugged design style, couple this with a sustainable paper manufacturing process, and Formica Group have created a visually striking new denim laminate that is suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces. 

Each sheet of Reclaimed Denim Fiber is truly unique, containing recycled cellulose pulp and recycled denim fibres, innovatively combined to make an always in fashion denim decor paper. Laminate sheets are pressed in Plex, a small-scale texture, with a weaved textile feel. The result is a contemporary denim high-pressure laminate which will enhance any interior space with its vibrant indigo hue.

“Versatile and adaptable, F9271 Reclaimed Denim Fiber seamlessly blends with a range of colour and material palettes. Drawing inspiration from the world of fashion, where denim effortlessly pairs with diverse colours and materials, why not embrace this concept in interior design?” Nina Bailey, European Design Lead

Discover the full range of unique decor developments in the RAW series, that celebrate the harmony between design and sustainable manufacturing practices

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