Engineered laminate decors | Formica® Patterns Collection

Engineered: Style & Functionality

The Engineered series from the Formica® Patterns Collection offers sleek and modern laminate designs inspired by materials used throughout the built environment, embracing the variety of colours and patterns that they offer.

Engineered 825x550

This series celebrates materials with industrial origins perfectly re-engineered for contemporary interior spaces.

Our new Chip decors make a feature palette of the collection, delivering a contemporary twist on classic terrazzo. Developed in collaboration with UK designer Olivia Aspinall, the new laminate decors give a nostalgic nod to retro trends whilst also linking with contemporary colours and materials that exude energy and expression. The Chip decors seamlessly combine with laminates from the Formica® Colors Collection, allowing for a truly integrated design experience with four versatile colour options.

Engineered Chip Swatch

While concrete and plaster are a mainstay in interior design, our new Lulworth and Purbeck Flint decors embrace a subtle and sophisticated appearance, compared to what can be a harsh industrial trend. The simple, mottled decors can work well as the base to a design and within large interior spaces. Perfectly complemented with our new Arcosa texture, the laminate decors are enhanced with this slightly eroded, grainy and matt surface finish.

“The trends for a concrete move towards a much softer and less dominant look, working harmoniously with palettes of terracotta, tonal whites and beiges to create a warm and inviting environment. With inspiration drawn from wellness and mindful spaces, we see the Flints tapping into a zen design scheme and approach.” Nina Bailey, Formica Group’s European Design Lead

Engineered Flint Swatch

Taking inspiration from engineered stones, our new Neo decors present an element of tranquillity and harmony to any interior space. The gentle clouded pattern and colourways allow for versatility and flexibility, making the palette suitable for a wide range of interior design styles and applications. The choice of three decor colours presents a diverse offering where each one can be paired with a solid colour from the Formica® Colors Collection, allowing for simple and effective design combinations.

Engineered Neo Swatch

The Engineered series offers a contemporary and sophisticated look to interior surfaces through innovative laminate decors, diverse colourations and complementary design possibilities.

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