Refurbishment of luxurious cocktail bar and restaurant

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Refurbishment of luxurious cocktail bar and restaurant

Brief: New tables required for venue refurbishment
Designer: Design LSM
Photography: Stevie Campbell
Decors used: F9485 Nero Grafite
Date Completed: 2022

Marble inspired F9485 Nero Grafite in Satin NDF proved to be the ideal choice for tables used in a refurbishment of a popular cocktail bar and restaurant, The Alchemist, in Manchester UK. 

The venue includes the main dining and bar area and an intimate private dining area. 30 tables in the venue now feature the striking TrueScale decor, in a range of sizes to suit the different entertainment areas. 

Using Formica® Laminate is ideal for high traffic hospitality projects such as this as it is highly resistent to water, chemicals, scratches, and stains making it a durable choice. Plus, the designers carefully curated aesthetic will remain looking fresh as laminate's ongoing performance excellence means it is resistant to colour fading.

“Building upon the very essence of what The Alchemist represents – a brand that is renowned for its ingenious menu and theatrical food and drink displays, DesignLSM’s innovative and captivating design narrative has invigorated the space of one of Manchester’s most renowned drinking hot spots.”
Design LSM

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