Vibrant Retail Experience with Homapal<sup>&reg;</sup> Metals

Primor 1900x650

Vibrant Retail Experience with Homapal® Metals

Brief: Experiential retail designs with Homapal Metals in Barcelona
Designer / Fabricator: WANNA
Photography: Javier de Paz Garcia
Decors used: 470 Alu Mirror Polished Superior Natural, 477/636 Alu Mirror Polished Lava Coppertone, 477 Alu Mirror Polished Coppertone, 470/636 Alu Mirror Polished Lava Natural, 471 Alu Mirror Polished Goldtone, 446 Alu Brushed Steeltone
Date Completed: 2023

Homapal® Metals distributed by Formica Group played an essential role in creating the stunning design of Perfumerías Primor's second flagship store in Barcelona, Spain.

Spanning 1,250 sqm across three floors, the store's design seamlessly adapted the concept initially developed by WANNA creative studio for Primor's first flagship in Madrid back in 2020. Inspired by the intricate layers of the skin, the experiential interior design artfully integrates shapes, textures, and colours, creating captivating micro-worlds using a palette of Homapal metal laminates.

Under WANNA's creative direction, the visitor's journey becomes an immersive experience, while Homapal's resilience ensures longevity within high traffic areas. From the dynamic entrance tunnel to crafted structures on the first floor, Homapal emerges as the key player in bringing WANNA's vision of a vibrant and engaging retail space, enhancing the Primor brand experience.

“We're in awe of Homapal® Metal's ability to materialise the most complex designs. What's particularly remarkable in this case is that our client's shared admiration for the product prompted the incorporation of it across all their stores. This is undoubtedly facilitated by the expertise, professionalism, and unwavering support of the Formica Group team, always ready to offer solutions and contribute to our success.” WANNA Creative Studio

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