Stylish and hygienic design for Care Centre in Norway

Care Centre Norway 1900x650

Stylish and hygienic design for Care Centre in Norway

Brief: Interior doors for the healthcare sector
Fabricator: Nordic Door
Decors used: F8843 Natural Ash, F8848 Blackened Legno
Date Completed: 2023

Nordic Door partnered with Formica Group to deliver over 540 interior doors featuring Formica® Laminate for the innovative Hurum Housing and Care Centre in Norway. Specifically chosen laminate decors, F8843 Natural Ash and F8848 Blackened Legno from the Formica® Doors Collection, were seamlessly integrated to enhance the healthcare facility's aesthetic appeal.

With a sprawling expanse of 11,500m2, Hurum Housing and Care Centre stands as Norway's first plus-house care building, boasting a remarkable feat of producing more energy than it consumes.

Formica Laminate played its role in advancing the centre's sustainability and functionality objectives. The non-porous surface of Formica Laminate fosters hygiene and patient safety, addressing critical needs in healthcare environments. Nordic Door's precise manufacturing and installation procedures ensured the interior doors' durability, contributing to the long-term resilience of the facility's interior spaces.

“The use of Formica Laminate for interior doors at Hurum Housing and Care Centre not only enhances the design but also aligns perfectly with our sustainability goals, as its durable nature contributes to the long-term resilience of the facility, reducing the need for frequent replacements.”  Nordic Door

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