Woodgrain chosen for Residential Care Centre OLV Ten Rosen in Aalst

Woodgrain chosen for Residential Care Centre OLV Ten Rosen in Aalst

Brief: HPL for Doors and Cabinetry
Architect: M4 Architecten
Fabricator: Qubus
Photography: FC Lama
Decors used: F1549 Tromso Maple
Date Completed: January 2022

Formica® Doors Collection and Woods Collection were specified as a calming interior design feature for a new young dementia wing of a residential care centre in Aalst Belgium.

The centre recognises that people with young dementia also need suitable shelter and care, offering an adapted form of housing on the campus. 9 rooms within the centre all feature the natural woodgrain effect of Tromso Maple on doors and kitchen cabinetry, providing residents with a warm inviting home.

HPL is an ideal surface material for healthcare projects due to its hygienic properties, durability and sheet to sheet consistency. Plus, with no additional maintenance required, the natural look of a woodgrain laminate will look beautiful for years to come.

"This is the first centre with a department specifically for people with young dementia. Custom furniture was designed to match the building fabrication of natural wood. Laminate was chosen for its durability and Tromso Maple decor was picked for its calming and natural style."

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