Navigating new waters with Formica<sup>&reg;</sup> Laminate

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Navigating new waters with Formica® Laminate

Brief: New furniture collection for ship outfitting
Fabricator: Meble Morskie
Designer: The Maritime Montering Group
Photography: Andreas Eriksson
Decors used: F5782 Formal WalnutF5344 SeedF7837 Graphite
F6305 Limed Strand
Date Completed: 2023

Formica® Laminate from the Colors and Woods Collection have been chosen for furniture in the new Maritime Montering Group range, debuting at Nor-Shipping in June 2023. 

The new furniture collection called Stett Comfort made its debut, offering a refreshing take on design while emphasising sustainability. The collection, presented by Maritime Montering, showcases the commitment to eco-friendly solutions, aiming to minimise waste, reduce raw material consumption, and create lightweight furniture.

Use of Formica® Laminate ensures that colours and woodgrains used in furniture will continue looking amazing after multiple voyages. Laminate is highly resistant to water, chemicals, scratches, colour fading and stains making it a durable choice for the marine industry. 

The Maritime Montering Group is a leading expert in ship outfitting, offering comprehensive furnishing and finishing services for a wide range of vessels, including fishing, military, passenger, as well as premium vessels and yachts. With a wealth of experience in the industry, they have successfully catered to the needs of their clients for many years.

“We have a strong focus on safety and fire regulations, so we prioritise the use of Formica® Laminate in our furniture so it is compliant with MED certification standards. This certification is of utmost importance, especially in maritime environments where safety measures are critical.

By utilising Formica laminates, Maritime Montering Group guarantees both the durability and the adherence to stringent safety requirements necessary for furniture at sea.”

Maritime Montering Group

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