Go with the FLOWA

Go with the FLOWA

Formica Group have teamed up with Contemporary French designers Maud Vantours and Pierre-Henri Devineau on a striking new furniture project, FLOWA.

1 FLOWA 920x600

These exciting designers have very different approaches to their work, with each establishing their own distinct path in the industry. Vantours has worked with global brands – including Louis Vuitton, Dior and Gucci – to create unique furniture pieces through unconventional methods. She is best known for cutting and layering bright paper sheets in assorted colours to produce hypnotic designs.

By contrast, Devineau, of HETCH Mobilier, employs both traditional and digital techniques, which he often blends to produce modern furniture of solid wood and veneer, using the natural colours of his materials to add a touch of organic versatility to his designs.

2 FLOWA 920x600

Devineau approached Vantours for this project: an artistic collaboration that would result in an original furniture piece. Despite their differences in personal methodology, the duo combined their skills and creative philosophies to deliver the final product.

Inspired by Vantours, Devineau took a strong interest in the manufacturing of plywood panels for furniture and design. Formed through the layering of crossed wood veneer, these panels present unrivalled strength and stability.

3 FLOWA 920x600

The designers needed the perfect material to finish the product – one that was thin, robust enough for machine work, and available in stunning colours. ColorCore®  laminate provided the team with a range of bright, spirited colours to work with; solid colours that continue throughout the composition of the product. The laminate surfaces were used not only to create the vibrant layered flower designs on the cabinet doors, but on the unit’s internal structure as well, providing a pop of colour in each cupboard.

Formica laminate’s strength and durability make it ideal for heavy-wear applications such as furniture, worktops, doors and all types of work surfaces.

HETCH Mobilier HETCH Mobilier

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