Scandinavian-inspired furniture in Birchply decors

Fora Form 1900x650

Scandinavian-inspired furniture in Birchply decors

Brief: Manufacture of tables with new range of Birchply decors
Fabricator: Fora Form
Decors used: F8910 Raw BirchplyF8552 Black BirchplyF9229 Dark Sky BirchplyF8911 Green Slate Birchply
Date Completed: September 2023

Formica® Laminate's Birchply decors have redefined the Fora Form approach to table designs. Drawing inspiration from the authentic beauty of birch, the new table range incorporates contemporary green and blue tones, providing a fresh perspective distinct from the existing Fora Form collection. These diverse colour nuances of decors allow for experimenting and creating visually dynamic spaces.

The Birchply table range can be used in various settings, particularly for meeting rooms and conference tables. Its durable laminate makes it a practical choice for high-traffic areas like canteens and restaurants, ensuring resilience amid frequent use and cleaning. By seamlessly incorporating the natural allure of wood into spaces, the Birchply range evokes parallels to the organic world.

“We appreciate the diverse options and high-quality materials offered by Formica® Laminate. Our collaboration has been instrumental in inspiring our furniture collections. The continuous development of new surfaces by Formica Group adds an extra layer of sophistication, making our furniture stand out and enhancing the overall appeal of our designs.” Fora Form

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