Bespoke furniture created for Sense Hub

Dual Works x Sense banner image 1900x650

Bespoke furniture created for
Sense Hub

Brief: Accessible furniture for charity space
Fabricator: The Dual Works
Photography: Crumb
Decors used: F1485 Chrome Yellow, F2962 Clementine, F4168 Campanula, F5348 Energy, F7912 Storm
Date Completed: 2023

Design studio Dual Works were commissioned by UK-based Sense Charity to design, make and install a suite of tailor-made furniture to transform three spaces into distinct environments for the different services that Sense offers to support its community. The project involved furniture with multiple approaches in terms of their use and functionality alongside a cohesive visual identity. Dual Works worked with each team to determine their priorities which has resulted in a playful children’s area, a professional workspace and a creative studio.

“Overall the aesthetic decisions are a continuation of our previous projects with Sense in which we introduced the concept of using braille patterns. Braille brings a playful visual language to establish a sense of place, and is used as both a decorative and functional aspect of the design approach. The lettering and numbering system helps to categorise and organise their storage. These panels are made using Formica® Laminate in relief on the furniture as a sensory aspect that can be read by touch. The contrasting visual qualities provided by decors from the Formica® Collection help to aid visually impaired users and the use of orange corresponds to the branding identity and provides a cohesive aesthetic throughout. 

We are proud of our collective endeavour and achievement with each of the different teams. A collaborative approach driven by knowledge exchange, curiosity and dialogue with the team has insured the creation of a design concept driven by inclusivity which celebrates their community.”

Zoe Robertson and Steve Snell

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