Cinematic space with Homapal® Metals at Casa Decor 2024

Fontana Casa Decor 1900x650

Cinematic space with Homapal® Metals at Casa Decor 2024

Brief: Unique ceiling feature with Homapal Metals at Casa Decor 2024
Designer / Architect: Alfaro-Manrique Atelier
Photography: Lupe Clemente
Decors used: Homapal
Date completed: April 2024

Homapal® Metals, distributed by Formica Group, became the highlight of a cinematic interior design project “Fontana” at Casa Decor 2024.

The distinctive space, designed by Alfaro-Manrique Atelier for Bathco, transports us to a scene reminiscent of Fellini's Rome, with every element echoing the magnificence of the Trevi Fountain. A standout feature is the ceiling by Homapal, which brilliantly simulates water, creating a mesmerising visual effect.

Renowned for its innovative laminates that blend aesthetic appeal with practical durability, Homapal's mirror-like laminate transforms the ceiling into a captivating focal point, enhancing the luxurious ambience.

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