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Discover new perspectives on surface design by brands of Broadview Group

Hosted inside ‘Returning to Villa Casa Bianca’, designed by architects Van Beek en Dings, this installation integrates green life with creative solutions offered by FENIX and Formica materials together with other brands of the Group.
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38 Armenian Street Singapore 179942
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Formica Cora

Designed with five inner core colours, each carefully composed to eliminate dark joint lines for a sleek, elegant finish.

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Access up-to-date technical documentation for Formica® Asia products in one place.
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Home Sweet Talk

7-episode Miniseries to Inspire Your Next Home Project
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Of Matter is now available online!

Since 2019, Formica Asia is part of the leading global group in surface materials. 
You will meet our brands, companies and centers of excellence - all active in material technology. We hope you get a taste of how you can get most out of your collaboration with our companies. Consider this website a guide. Or an introduction. But most of all, an invitation to reach out to our companies to learn more.
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Formica® Singapore Collection 22/23

Explore designs and texture of all sorts in this one collection – let Formica surfaces be the fundamental building blocks that impart life and energy to everyday spaces.

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Inspired by nature. Inspired by beauty.

A veritable grand tour of Italy’s natural elements, Formica’s Incanto collection captures the rich, magical textures of the North-western Italian woods, the rocky Dolomites, the tuff formations of central Italy, and the basaltic lands of the country’s Southern regions.

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Experience DecoMetal® SRM Scratch-Resistant Matt

Made in Germany, DecoMetal® SRM is a new high-quality, matt surface provided on selected aluminum, copper and brass decors. It has an ultra-matt look with a unique impression of depth, producing a high scratch resistant surface with anti-fingerprint properties. Suitable for horizontal use.
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Discover FENIX, the innovative materials for interior design created by Arpa Industriale for a range of vertical and horizontal interior design applications
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Combining stunning real metal surfaces with the flexibility and practicality of laminate. Addressing the latest interior trends with textured, sculpted and brushed effects in contemporary colour stylings, the range offers a fresh and exciting collection of exclusive designs.
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At Formica Group, we continually strive to create innovative products that promote a healthier environment to support sustainable design.

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