5016 Watercolor Porcelain 180fx® Laminate gives the look of gray marble on dining room table surrounded by chairs

The Living Impressions™ Collection

Artisan-inspired surfacing for uniquely modern spaces. 

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The Living Impressions™ Collection features six style-forward surfacing designs, including five 180fx® Laminate patterns and one Formica® Laminate pattern inspired by extensive home and design research. 

The collection draws inspiration from nature and art, and the designs are endlessly compatible with aesthetics  from traditional to modern to elegant and every style between. Go ahead and Find Your Perfect™.


The Collection

The Inspiration Behind the Living Impressions™ Collection

The designs in the Living Impressions™ Collection were inspired largely by three emerging lifestyle trends. More than just laminate countertop trends, these timeless designs bring together elegance and functionality.

5017 11 Watercolor Steel, M2126 Brushed Bronzetoned Aluminum dining room table with flowers


Artwork adds a personal touch to a home. Frequently inspired by nature, craftspeople today value tradition with a modern twist.

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5015 11 Black Painted Marble bathroom sink backsplash

Black & White Elegance

The simplicity of black and white laminate never goes out of style. Color blocking provides a modern take on this elegant pair in tuxedo kitchens and other home spaces.

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5018 11 Calacatta Cava with oats, oranges and orange juice

Soft, Subtle & Simple

Relaxed and refined. Neutral colors and subtle patterns provide calm and comfort.

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Hand-painted marbles and watercolors are among the style-forward surfaces for home interiors in the Living Impressions™ Collection by Formica Corporation. Inspired by extensive home and design research, the launch includes five 180fx® Laminate designs and one Formica® Laminate pattern.

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