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At Formica Corporation, we continually strive to create innovative products that support sustainable design and contribute to a healthier environment. We are committed to a long-term planning horizon that includes becoming an industry-leading environmental steward.

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In addition to our long-term corporate goals, Formica® Brand surfaces have achieved many third-party standards for sustainable materials. Explore the categories below to see how Formica® Brand products have been sustainably sourced and recognized by various industry organizations.


Sustainability Snippets

Follow us on our journey to a fact-based approach to sustainability.

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Formica® Documents

Access up-to-date technical documentation, certifications and guides for all Formica® Brand products on our central hub.

Looking for our sustainability certifications and documentation (EPDs, HPDs, GREENGUARD, FSC, LEED, Declare, etc.)? They're there too.

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License Code : FSC-C092610


Sustainable Minds

Bathroom sink 8812 Laminate

Sample Recycling

We encourage the donation of laminate and solid surfacing samples and scrap materials to schools and arts organizations that collect building materials for creative reuse. 
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Recycled Pulp

Recycled Content

We continually engage suppliers to increase the recycled and eco-friendly content in our raw materials as we develop strategies that reduce the environmental impact of our products and their manufacture.
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