We asked Jennifer Haslam her 3 favourite kitchen trends for 2019

Jennifer Haslam is an established interiors writer and stylist with a strong editorial background having previously worked in house for Livingetc magazine. She’s passionate about using colour and composition to create beautiful images.

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Bold Colour

People have become much braver in their design choices and the recent trend for using colour in the kitchen is being seen not only across newer brands such as Pluck and Naked kitchens, but the more traditional companies such as Devol and Plain English. Where previously it may have been a painted wall or accent props to add colour, it’s now the cabinetry, worktops and hardware.

These doors by Naked Kitchen are a bold royal blue and mixed with a luxury gold splash back. Teamed with a reflective worktop surface the whole space sings with an understated luxury. The Fox design, part of the Aria® range, is a similar worktop.

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Mixed materials

This look is all about mixing up the textures and tones within the kitchen space, where previously the trend would be a full set of units in one colour and finish, gloss or matt for example, we’re now seeing these two combined. If you want a pink run of top units and a pale grey coloured base set - no problem, and the introduction of raw materials such as concrete, bare plaster or brick, once reserved for New York loft apartments, is now being seen more commonly throughout kitchen designs. For a similar worktop and splash back, the Aria® Concrete Formwood design will give you an identical look in a wipeable format that’s more hygienic than its original wood inspiration.

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The Modern Shaker

The mix of traditional shaker panelled style doors with simpler flat fronted drawers as seen in this kitchen by Devol is a new take on the classic kitchen. Using open shelving with a seamless worktop and splash backs in a traditional Carrara marble gives a contemporary twist on a traditional country design. By matching the dark green wall colour and kitchen cabinetry, this adds a richness to the whole kitchen. Style up with family portraits and traditional paintings and the modern traditional look is complete. For a similar worktop and splashback look at this Calacatta Marble.

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Jennifer Haslam

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