Kitchen splashback trends for 2024

Kitchen splashback trends for 2024

When choosing a new kitchen, most people prioritise cabinets, worktops and appliances. That means the splashback can come as a bit of an afterthought, added in at the last minute once the key design decisions have been made.

But it’s worth remembering that your splashback can be one of the most visually significant elements in your kitchen. It can act as a focal point to anchor the entire scheme. So the right choice of splashback can make or break the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.

With that in mind, what are the hottest looks for splashbacks for the year ahead? Here, we explore the importance of splashbacks in kitchen design, and the top trends to look out for in 2024.

The importance of kitchen splashbacks

Although a kitchen splashback has a practical function – it needs to be able to withstand cooking splatters, heat and water – it also provides a great opportunity to make a visual statement. 

Whether you opt for coloured glass, stone or laminate, a splashback gives you the chance to go bold with pattern or colour, or alternatively create a gentle, complementary contrast. 

“I see the kitchen as the most important room in the home, and the splashback as one of the most important elements in the kitchen,” says interior designer Miriam Prada. “My advice is to take your time over your splashback decision. You’re probably going to be looking at it for the next 10 or 20 years, so it’s important to get it right!”

What are the hottest kitchen splashback trends for 2024?

Looking ahead to splashback choices for 2024, we're seeing an emergence of earthy tones and organic textures inspired by the natural world. 

“Darker, more saturated cabinet colours are on the rise,” says interior designer Alison Anderson from Alison Anderson Interiors. “Deep aubergines, browns and warm, earthy tones will be making their mark in 2024, so neutral splashbacks that complement these colours will be the next big thing.”

Instead of white stone finishes which have been popular in recent years, beige and grey marbles such as calacatta gold and fiori di bosco are a great match for this trend. They bring glamorous texture to a scheme with their dramatic gold veining. And it’s worth bearing in mind that, because of its porosity, marble is often better suited to a splashback than a worktop. 

If real marble is beyond your budget, you might be better off with a high quality laminate. Formica® Laminate’s realistic stone effect designs replicate the look of a wide range of marbles including highly-patterned carrara, calacatta and breccia. 

“The only problem with marble is that it’s porous, so it’s likely to stain if you spill something like red wine on it,” says Miriam Prada. “So, in some ways, Formica laminate is a safer choice. I use it a lot – particularly for professional kitchens – but it really depends on the level of maintenance people are prepared to accept. There’s no doubt Formica® Worktops are 100% more hardwearing than natural stone.”

Another key look for splashbacks this season is textured surfaces with an artisan feel such as Moroccan clay Zellige tiles. These beautiful, handmade tiles reflect light around the room thanks to their glossy finish. Plus they bring a welcome ‘perfectly imperfect’ feel to a space because of their tonal variations and uneven texture. 

If you want the look of natural stone with the durability of laminate, explore our premium Aria® range. Formica® Laminate is available in a wide variety of versatile splashback choices including realistic marble effect designs.

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