Lifting the lid on Washrooms

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Lifting the lid on Washrooms

Washroom Gender Differences

Washroom: Gender Differences

Discover the differences in how men and women think about washrooms, starting with the interesting statistic that 72% of women believe that toilets outside of their home are unhygienic vs 64% of men.

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Washroom: Top Ten Tips

Based on our recent survey of consumers we collated our top ten tips for fabricators and designers.

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Washroom: Consumer views of loos

There’s no doubt most people view using any toilet other than their own as a risk they simply have to take - and that there’s a hierarchy about which ones (in which places) are better than others.

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Generational attitudes towards washrooms

Washroom: Generational Attitudes

If you thought wanting a clean environment and feeling clean was a universal age-less need, think again. When it comes to differences between the generations, being older really does change things.

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Formica® Washroom

The Formica® Washroom Collection offers both standard HPL and Compact Grade laminate for washrooms, cubicles, panels and vanity units, featuring a combination of woods, patterns and on trend colours.

Younique® by Formica Group

Our Younique® by Formica Group service provides the ultimate flexibility allowing you to create a unique pattern or design, capture a photograph or corporate logo in Formica® Laminate using digital print solutions.

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