Enduring, elegant, and enchanting: Formica Group’s new Walnut decors

Enduring, elegant and enchanting: Formica Group’s new Walnut decors

The Formica® Woods Collection now includes four new Walnut decors designed to offer stunning surfaces for a range of applications.

Woods Walnut 825x550

With a variety of shades from bleached to fully saturated dark brown, complemented by the unique patterns of the grain, the Formica® Woods Collection has been strengthened by the addition of four new local, timeless and classic Walnut decors. The decors have been specifically chosen to close the colour gaps in the collection and can easily be combined in the same space as wall panelling, feature doors or an eye-catching furniture piece. 
“Walnut is a really usable species and incredibly popular, so we were always keen to expand this part of the range and offer more variety where we know it is welcomed,” says Nina Bailey, Design Manager for Formica Group.

The four new Walnut decors added to the Formica® Woods Collection are:

  • F5782 Formal Walnut and F5872 Refined Walnut, which are perfect for designers looking to create an elegant, traditional, and timeless appeal. “They are both more of a classical in their structure,” says Nina. “They have more movement to them, with cathedraling features. There’s also more contrast in the actual colour variations.”

  • F8587 Peruca Walnut and F8586 Cetina Walnut, which offer simplicity and a low contrast approach. “They’re very linear, with minimal grain movement, creating a beautiful subtlety to their design,” says Nina. “They also have warm, grey tones running through them, ideal for creating cozy environments with a resimercial feel.”

Nina adds: “Peruca Walnut and Cetina Walnut are superb surfaces for smaller pieces such as furniture pieces and tabletops.

“The larger-scale decors, such as Formal Walnut and Refined Walnut, have more movement to them, perfect to incorporate into larger, open plan spaces and used on wall panels and anything else involving an architectural scale.”

She continues: “Refined Walnut is also tapping into the trend of consumers engaging with vintage things and the rising popularity of that turn-of-the-century style. Combining this with modernism makes extremely eye-catching environments – and these decors facilitate those choices brilliantly.”

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