Woodgrain Laminate by Formica Group

Formica woods collection hotel room 1900x700

New Woods

Taking inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian woodgrains, the driving theme of the new woods additions is a contrast of light and moody dark, pale and pigmented.

The wood additions to the collection link us to our immediate surroundings, with a focus on local European species, such as Oak, Ash, Walnut and Elm. As we learn to appreciate our habitats, we want to introduce its natural beauty into indoor spaces. Moving towards greyed and desaturated tones of woods in both warm and cool tones gives our woods palette a beautiful variety and balance of tone and colour.

The highlight of the woods introductions is Ventura Oak, a stylish, relaxed woodgrain in a cool, neutral mid-tone grey, almost blueish in colour.

The Cedar series is a cool, calming and contemporary version of a softwood look, coming in a series of three; a blond, milky mocha and near black noir colour.

Tromso Maple is a Scandinavian inspired, naturally light species, low in contrast keeping the typical knots in balance. Three Ash decors, Pale Ash, Aged Ash and Dark Ash create a Scandinavian elegance instantly with a timeless structure while the new minimalistic Elm decors are ideal for fresh, young, modern interiors. Sund Elm is a pale neutral colour and Fjord Elm is a milky near white tone that will work nicely with pastels or elegant greys.

The lightly distressed White Painted Wood captures the reproduction of painted pine and is a slightly greyed white colour and light sandy tones. Trendy beige, greige and grey-brown extends the greyed muted palette with the introduction of Belvedere Beech, Flute Oak, Nevada Oak and Bleached Legno.

Four elegant walnuts; Formal Walnut, Refined Walnut, Peruca Walnut and Cetina Walnut add warmth to the collection from bleached to fully saturated dark brown.

Oak remains a popular and classic wood choice and the four oak additions suit all tastes, ranging from straight grain to planks, elegant to slightly rustic with sawcut effects and knots.

Birchply answers the trend for woodgrains on an extreme and architectural scale.  A common building material throughout the world, Birchply is a familiar look and the rotary cut veneer and colourful series make a unique and striking pattern in High Pressure Laminate.

Weathered Beamwood and Oxidised Beamwood are beautiful grained woods on a grand scale. Soft brown wood tones blend with a greyish patina.

Salvaged Planked Elm and Seasoned Planked Elm use painted reclaimed planks and handscraping and were created as TrueScale décors, without a repeating pattern across the width of the laminate sheet with planking running vertically.

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