Formica Laminate, Decometal<sup>®</sup>, Younique<sup>®</sup> and ColorCore<sup>®</sup> used together in complimentary design

Formica Laminate, Decometal®, Younique® and ColorCore® used together in complimentary design

The new 12,500 m² Villanueva University Center, located in Madrid, has been designed by the M. Escanciano Arquitectos architecture studio, led by the architects Miguel Martín Escanciano and Laura Martín-Escanciano Fernández.

Universidad Villanueva S0J4664 920x600

Formica® Laminate is used throughout the interior design. Hallway panels and partitions, classroom and door skirting boards, use Formica Compact in White, Folkestone, Levante, Spectrum Blue, Leaf Green and Sun. All classroom blackboards use Formica Magnetic allowing the ability to project images on to the surface, providing simplicity to the interiors of the classrooms.

Universidad Villanueva S0J4682 920x600

The reception counters have a seamless design using Formica ColorCore. And the cafeteria features a large mural of the Madrid skyline thanks to the use of Younique.In the assembly hall, a mobile, floor-to-ceiling partition in Decometal allows the hall to be expanded when necessary, and all other room partitions use Formica Compact as a durable and solid finish.

The DecoMetal® by Formica Group range featured in this article is no longer available. To view the wide range metal laminates currently distributed from Homapal, please click here.

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