July Pattern – Sequins and Sparkles

July Pattern – Sequins and Sparkles

The timeless allure of gold and all things sparkly has been the basis of many memorable Formica® laminate patterns over the decades.

Formica110 Sparkles July 920x600

Gold has captured our imagination for centuries. Its use for jewelry, crowns and many other lavish objects continues to signify wealth and success.

The color itself features eye-catching visual effects that shine, gleam, glitter and glow across a seemingly moveable surface, making it a perennial design favorite.

Formica Corporation first added a sparkle or reflective inclusion into laminate in the 1950s and has never looked back.

1952: The gold-flecked Sequin series was introduced. This affordable-luxe offering was created with an overlay of sparkles atop a solid-colored paper.

1959: The Sequin series expanded to include three pastels to celebrate the anniversary of the gold rush.

1962: Raymond Loewy + Associates designed Silversnow, featuring small, silver sparkles on solid colors.

1964: Inspired by cracks in the concrete floor of the Winton Place plant, in-house Formica® laminate designer Lorraine Elton created Spindrift.

Early 1970s: The lightly filigreed Gold Gossamer pattern was introduced.

2003: The Authentix Metal collection of Copper, Brass, Stainless and Aluminum shades launched to add shimmer and subtle shine to interior spaces. The series also included four finishes, with the punched and quilted options adding extra reflection to horizontal applications.

2022: The design team created the innovative White Pearl Cascade pattern, featuring pigments applied randomly during paper-making to ensure a unique effect without repeat. Read more about this fascinating design story.

Learn more about the Sequin series and other sparkly patterns in this video:

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