Bring Nature into Your Home with Foliage Formica® Laminate

Bring Nature into Your Home with Foliage Formica® Laminate

In this nature-inspired pattern, soft gray-green and beige leaves create a subtle, biophilic visual texture and sense of calm.


Foliage Captures the Casually Biophilic Design Trend

Biophilic design brings natural elements and healing into indoor spaces. Historically, this was achieved using plants along with blue and green accents or wood features. Now, this trend is giving rise to beautiful new colors and patterns in interior surfacing, including Foliage Formica® Brand laminate.

This subtle pattern captures the silhouette of leaves spread organically against a warm white, sun-dappled background. It imbues home spaces with nature and harmony through its soft, stylized shapes.


The Creation of Foliage Laminate

To spark creativity, the Formica Group team in Evendale, Ohio, decided to get back to nature. They experimented with the cyanotype process, which uses the sun’s UV rays to expose and print a photogram.

The resulting leaf outlines on cool gray concrete became the concept of the Foliage pattern, launched in the 2024 Living Impressions™ Collection.

Complementary Designs

Foliage pairs well with several other new patterns that represent the biophilic trend.

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