Plain Colour Laminate by Formica Group

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New Plain Colours

New plain colours; Greens, Reds and the Night Series have a raw and earthed approach.

The new green palette continues to answer the trend for biophillic design and the ‘outdoors in’ theme and includes natural earthy tones of green in sophisticated and calming hues.

Terracotta and earthy hues of red have been introduced, fitting the trend for more natural looking materials connecting back to manmade and authentic looks.

The newly developed palettes of reds consist of a selection of terracotta tones including Earthenware, Adobe and Brick, alongside Blush, a pink which has taken centre stage as the new neutral and Henna, a deep, natural red.

The Night Series is an introduction of three new rich and luxe ‘almost black’ colours. Night Shade is reddish near black, Night Forest is the same level of dark but green and Night Sea is a deep blue.

Brite White, a cool white, completes the new plain colour introductions.

Formica reds 825x550

Terracotta Trends

Terracotta and Earthy red hues continue to trend. The newly developed palette of reds in the Formica® Collection comprises of a choice of terracotta tones including, Adobe and Brick, alongside Blush and Earthenware.
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Formica Greens 825x550

Answering the trend for Natural and Earthy Greens

Natural and earthy hues of green have been trending through commercial sectors since biophillic design and the ‘Outdoors in’ theme became one of the biggest interior concepts seen over the last decade.
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Formica Nights 825x550

A Calm Nightfall Landscape

Night Series is a selection of colours from the new Formica® Laminate Collection, that offers an opportunity to re-centre our thoughts, it bringing clarity and peace to a space.
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