Top Tips for Designing the Perfect Washroom

Top Tips for Designing the Perfect Washroom

More than a quarter (28%) of our survey respondents say that they’ll take selfies in an establishment’s bathroom if they like the decor; this can influence other potential customers’ choices when choosing where to visit

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For busy washrooms, it’s essential toilets can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. Tile, laminate, treated concrete and glass are all surfaces that can be easily wiped down, survive heavy usage and still look sleek and elegant.


The atmosphere of your establishment should extend into the bathrooms, so there’s no jarring change in ambience from one room to the next. For people spending longer in the loos, they should be inviting and pleasing to be in.


Our survey has shown that light colours are favourable in hospitality establishment washrooms, but white, grey and beige tones show up scuffs easily and may need frequent maintenance. Why not use a darker colour near the floor and lighter shades up high?


If the seating, cutlery, staff uniforms and signage reflect your brand, washrooms should too. An accent colour or surface material pulled from the main area into the bathroom ensures a highly professional consistency of brand.

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