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Getting your store ready 2024

A focus on the basics of design and maintenance ensures a satisfying in-store experience for all consumers in 2024, according to the European Survey by Formica Group.

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This entails selecting appropriate materials and crafting a store ambience that feels spacious, hygienic, and inviting. Laminate emerges as a practical solution, given its easy-to-clean nature and ability to minimise gaps where bacteria can thrive.

Regular updates to the space maintain its freshness, but a complete refit isn't always necessary. Utilising durable materials like laminate as the foundation allows for periodic aesthetic updates through accessory and graphic changes, meeting consumer expectations for variety.

While branding alignment remains important for offline and online experiences, tech integration is not a significant driver for in-store visits and purchases according to our European Survey.

Instead, retailers catering to younger demographics should focus on appealing materials, lighting, and displays, including natural elements like wood and plants to enhance the ambience. Simple touches such as clear welcome signs and wayfinding graphics can enhance the customer journey and serve as focal points for social media sharing.

Materials like laminate offer countless design options, facilitating the creation of vibrant, bespoke in-store designs that leave a lasting impression. With these principles in mind, retailers can enhance their store layout effectively by:

  • Planning the customer journey and connecting it with desired actions through signage and product displays
  • Prioritising the initial impression area and ensuring it reflects the brand's essence
  • Engaging all customer senses through thoughtful store design
  • Using displays to guide customers and promote specific products or areas
  • Maintaining the retail space with durable materials like laminate, especially in foundational areas
  • Regularly updating accessories and displays to keep the retail space fresh
  • Leveraging layout to drive impulse purchases, particularly around cashier desks
  • Maintaining cleanliness and avoiding materials that are difficult to sanitise
  • Incorporating inviting scents into the retail environment, keeping in mind that moderation is key.

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