Street artist Okuda San Miguel leaves his Younique mark on San Carlos Hospital

Street artist Okuda San Miguel leaves his Younique mark on San Carlos Hospital

Okuda San Miguel is a Madrid-based multidisciplinary artist whose distinctive iconographic visual art blends multicoloured geometries with organic shapes animals human figures symbols and motifs.

As part of the “Come Leave Your Mark” charitable initiative, Okuda designed the wall panelling of the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and Pediatric Areas of the San Carlos Hospital in Madrid.

The hospital refurbishment, in partnership with The Aladina Foundation, received support from Formica Group who donated and installed the decorative laminate for the wall panelling, as well as part of the furniture surfaces in the remodelled area. Here, Okuda’s two 45m2 murals have been brought to live using Younique® by Formica Group digitally rendered panels.

The work, which contains the geometric structures and multicoloured prints that are characteristic of Okuda, is located in the main hallway of the Pediatric ICU.

Annually, more than 1,800 patients are treated in the facilities of the Pediatric ICU as well as in the Pediatric Surgery Centre and the Child and Adolescent Institute of the Hospital Clinic San Carlos. The renovation has created an artistic space that patients, family members and the centre’s medical staff can all enjoy. Lorena Díez, Hospital Director for the Aladina Foundation comments: “Aladina seeks to humanise hospitals, helping reduce the trauma of a young person’s stay as much as possible. This project will help improve the quality of life for children in the hospital.”

The launch of the new pediatric ICU was attended by José Soto, the Deputy Health Minister of Madrid, Paco Arango, President of the Aladina Foundation and artist Okuda San Miguel.

Speaking on the project Okuda says: “There were two very interesting aspects to this project. Firstly, it was exciting to start working with a material I had never used before, particularly considering it implied an architectural transformation. Secondly, of course, the context and location of the work, which will provide a great deal of positivity to children who need it.

Guy Donathy, Category Manager for commercial interiors at Formica Group, explains: “Among their many other applications, our laminates and panels are frequently installed in hospitals as they offer the durability that is essential for high traffic areas such as these.”

He continues: “In this context, the collaboration with Okuda was a natural choice. We often work with architects, designers and artists. In regards to this particular project, we thought of Okuda because we were drawn to his designs and artistic creations, characterised by distinctive, highly recognisable colours and a unique iconography.”

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