GOSH Arts' Collaboration with Formica Group at Great Ormond Street Hospital

GOSH 1900x650

GOSH Arts' Collaboration with Formica Group at Great Ormond Street Hospital

Brief: Laminate designs with unique artworks for hospital interiors
Architect: DAY Architectural
Artwork: Giles Round
Photographer: Melanie Issaka
Decors used: Younique® by Formica Group
Date completed: February 2024

In a remarkable initiative to enhance the healing environment of the Psychological and Mental Health unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London, GOSH Arts has partnered with Formica Group to integrate stunning artworks into the hospital's interiors with Formica® Laminate. Great Ormond Street Hospital, a world-renowned children's hospital established in 1852, treats over 300,000 young patients annually and is renowned for its pioneering medical research and exceptional care.

This collaboration features the work of well-known artist Giles Round, showcasing the hospital's commitment to providing a welcoming atmosphere for patients and their families. The artwork, brought to life by Younique® by Formica Group, is featured on the reception desk, waiting area, communal spaces, and bifold walls. The vibrant laminate designs with unique artworks for the hospital's interiors are not only visually appealing but practical. Formica laminate ensures durability and easy maintenance, which is essential in a high-traffic hospital environment. The non-porous surface of Formica laminate promotes hygiene by inhibiting bacterial growth and facilitating easy cleaning.

The design scheme aligns with GOSH Arts' therapeutic goals, creating a visually stimulating yet calming atmosphere that fosters healing and positivity.

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“Everyone is delighted with the outcome of this project. We appreciate the exceptional work and dedication in bringing this vision to life by Formica Group. Despite the challenges we faced, your team was outstanding. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate again in the future.” Kate Phillimore, Arts Manager at GOSH Arts

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